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Pharmacy Benefits

Part 3. How to choose your PBM

We could have titled this part: “Forget about rebates!”, but this would have been misleading: rebates are here to stay but many experts say the major part of it is now passed over to the plans.

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Drug prices

It’s (still) the prices, stupid!

People interested in healthcare policy or insurance may remember this title from the late Uwe Reinhardt, a Princeton professor in Economy and expert in healthcare policy: ”it’s the prices, stupid!”, in reference to Bill Clinton’s campaign slogan: “it’s the economy, stupid!”.

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New health plan fee disclosure law: opportunity or threat?

“Health benefits brokers are trusted advisers to employers, who sponsor health plans for about 150 million Americans. But ProPublica showed in 2019 how the insurance industry influences the consultants behind the scenes with cash and gifts — from six-figure bonuses to swanky island getaways.”

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Why are hospital services so expensive?

In a previous paper, we highlighted the huge discrepancies in hospital prices negotiated by health plan carriers on behalf of their plan members, and invited CFOs, CHRO and Compensation, and Benefits Managers, to check if their carrier was effective in doing so.

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