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Care2Care International Seeks Investors for Growth

Launched in February 2021, Care2Care International is striving to provide value to healthcare plans and individual patients, and its growth potential is significant. We are looking for investors to help us create jobs, expand our marketing reach, further develop our patient platform, and invest in sourcing partnerships.


Why Care2Care ?

health's mail order program

During the last decade, drug prices have increased by 84%, outpacing any other medical commodity or service. While brand and specialty drug prices are now 3 to 5 times higher than in other developed countries, this gap continues to grow rapidly!  Despite many formal announcements in the last years, no real reform has been put in place and none is realistically in sight.

Meanwhile, every year, over 4 million Americans buy their drugs for personal use abroad. Their rights of importing medications for personal use are protected by Congress, who reiterated its will as recently as 2018, as part of the Opioid Bill.

How it works

Contracting with brick-and-mortar pharmacies in Canada and European countries, Care2Care provides an easy access via a patient portal. The pharmacies deliver the medications through mail-order, a solution many Americans are now accustomed to.

Our Promise

Making it safe and easy, Care2care International ambitions to become the premier provider of internationally sourced affordable prescription medications for health plans and individuals while promoting a comprehensive cost-effective pharmacy solution for everyone

a simple solution for procuring FDA-approved medications

Our business model

Care2Care’s interests are completely aligned with their clients’ as shown by the moderate, win-win performance fee which is a function of the actual savings generated: the more the client saves, the more Care2Care gets paid.
Win-Win performance fee
Care2Care’s target market is the employer self-funded health plans, whose drug spending represents now roughly 25% of their total costs and is the fastest growing item. These plans are therefore in dire need of real cost containment solutions. 
The Target
Care2Care markets its services directly to employers, or partnering with consultants, brokers or providers sharing the same values: deliver a fair and high value service to the American people in search of real solutions for their health needs, at an affordable and transparent cost.
The Goal

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A right for patients. A solution for health plans

Personal Importation of Prescription Drugs