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A complete suite of Rx services

Care2Care secured a strategic partnership with an innovative, transparent, 100% pass-through PBM.
Adding to our expertise in international drug sourcing, we expand our offer to the full pharmacy benefit management.


Care2care Choice Rx

Our PBM solution in short.

We offer a transparent, 100% Pass Through solution. Our model is a “Cost +” model,
Meaning Cost of the drug + a moderate admin fee. Our drug formulary design is founded in science, thanks to a partnership with an independent academic system. This eliminates conflict of interest, in particular for Specialty drugs guidance.


In 2019, C2CRx member companies spent 47% PMPM less than the Industry National Average; Since drugs represent 20 to 30% of a plans costs, this represents 10 to 12% global savings!

Manufacturer Assistance Programs

Our Map/Pap solution

Plan for Employees

Map and Pap

C2C Choice Rx provides patient concierge and advocacy services for possible eligibility to PAPs.  With our patient assistance program, you will typically get your medication for free.

Our Rx mail-order program

Via a Mail Order Program we are providing drugs from brick and mortar pharmacies located in Canada, UK and other “Tier One” countries, as defined by Congress. All medications provided through our program are FDA approved, delivered in the originally sealed packaging from the manufacturer. Programs main features are:


A partnership with experienced pharmacists

Our program partners provide you a wide range of prescription maintenance medications.


A simple and transparent workflow

The patient has access to a secure, HIPAA compliant, user-friendly platform. The prescription is uploaded on the platform.

3. third step

A user-friendly secure patient portal

It is reviewed by licensed pharmacists and dispatched to the relevant MD. Patient assistance is available at every step through toll-free telephone, mail and fax.

4. fourth step

A safe delivery to the patient’s mailbox

Medications are then shipped to the personal address entered in the patient profile. The package includes up to a 90-day supply .

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