How is a Prescription Written ?

Today's example discussed the complexity of the information contained in pharmacy prescriptions. 1 in 5 prescriptions includes errors!

How is a prescription written, by Dr.Bricker

Dr. Bricker has made a name for himself in the US healthcare industry with his daily videos. In a few minutes, he presents the behind-the-scenes of different industry actors. He explains why certain mechanisms produce perverse effects, unfavorable to patients, drawing attention to unfair competition practices.

Bricker also gives advice on how to make the best use of the complicated American health care system!

All of that in short, clear and passionate video clips.

The complexity of a pharmacy prescription

Today’s example discussed the complexity of the information contained in pharmacy prescriptions.

As always, Dr. Bricker points at the many opportunities for mistakes leading to this surprising statistic: 1 in 5 prescriptions includes errors!

With his permission we thought it useful to share this video on our website. Click here to access all of Dr Bricker’s videos available on Youtube. Enjoy!

Play it safe with Care2Care

As a reminder, patients who use Care2care’s international program through our partner pharmacies benefit from a verification of their prescription by a local doctor!

A comforting bonus for those who have listened to Dr. Bricker’s warning.


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